From Fodder trading company to International Walking floor Transport company

We started our business in 1981 as a fodder trading company called Fodder and Potting soil trading company ‘Ommeren’. In addition to our own goods and potting soil, we incidentally provided transport for other parties. As time progressed, demand for our transport by walking floor trailers for bulk load increased. Especially our reputation for transport to and from France was exceptionally good. This is why it makes us proud that walking floor transport to France is still one of our core tasks. In addition, we have expanded our field of activity to the whole of Europe. Partly because this increase in demand, fodder product trading faded into the background. As a result, this part of the company has been fully dismantled.

Most of the goods we transport with our walking floor trailers are garden peat (potting soil), raw materials for potting soil, processed animal proteins (animal meal), animal feed and sorted recycling materials. Of course we can transport any other bulk load as well, provided it is not in conflict with the laws and regulations in effect and / or the certifications that we have been awarded (see under quality).

Storage services

Next to our fodder trading business, we also started our storage services in 1981. From the beginning, third parties made use of our storage facilities, and that has not changed. The only thing that changed was the number of storage facilities. We started with 1 storage facility in Ommeren and have grown into a renowned storage and transshipment company with no less than 9 storage facilities in the direct vicinity of Ommeren. You can store both your bulk and packaged goods with us. On a national level, we have become a household name in the area of storage of raw materials for animal feed, which is something we are very proud of.

Family business

Our company today is still a family business. This means the commitment of our management is very strong and it ensures short lines of communication from management to the working floor.