International Transport

We have been operating as an international Transport Company since 1981. If you have something that needs transporting, we are happy to offer you our services. We are known for our clear and open communication, ensuring a high service quality. Something we are very proud of and which is important for you to know is that our fleet is driven by highly experienced drivers that all have been driving for us for a very long time. This enables us to deliver continuous quality, which our clients have come to depend on.

Transport Ommeren specialises in the transport of bulk goods, but we can also transport pallets. We use Walking floor trailers for this type of transport. We have 2 combination walking floor trailers and about 40 regular walking floor trailers in our fleet. These lorries are not too high, but still let us deliver the products at the desired location. This could save you internal distribution costs.

Walking floor

Our walking floor trailers are 44.6 feet long, 8,2 feet wide and 12,8 feet high (ride height). The volume is about 3.178/3.354 cu ft. Some lorries even have a ride height of only 12 feet.
A big advantage of a walking floor trailer is the fact that if the lorry can enter your facilities, your cargo can be unloaded anywhere you want. This offers more possibilities than dump lorries, that can drive inside, but need a certain height to be able to unload cargo. As we mentioned before, we also have a number of combination walking floor lorries at our disposal. These work in the same way, but are more maneuverable, enabling them to unload at locations unreachable for a 44,6 feet trailer. For instance when there is a sharp turn in a narrow passage.


We transport cargo through the whole of Europe, but mostly between The Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. Of course we can transport cargo to other countries as well.

What do we transport?

We can transport your LTL (Less than Truckload), FTL (Full Truckload) and bulk load. We are highly experienced in this area and offer excellent transport throughout Europe with walking floor trailers, dump lorries, silo lorries and tautliners.

For any other type of transport you are always welcome to call us. We have many reliable contacts in the world of transport. We are happy to be of service and arrange the transport you need.

With our walking floor lorries we mostly transport garden peat (potting soil), raw materials for potting soil, processed animal proteins (animal meal), animal feed and sorted recycling materials. In addition we can transport any other bulk load as well, provided it is not in conflict with the laws and regulations in effect and / or the certifications that we have been awarded.