Refrigerated transport

Koeltransport Ommeren (Refrigerated transport Ommeren) handles the transport of your perishable goods like foodstuffs. Though we mostly transport mushrooms, we also offer refrigerated transport for other products.

Refrigerated Transport

Of course, temperature is the most critical aspect to regulate during transport, so that we can ensure the quality of the products. You can rest assured that everything is transported according to the HACCP protocol and that our lorries are ATP certified.

Our drivers have years of experience in conditioned transport, driving our modern lorries, fitted with a cooling system and tailgate, making sure that the cargo you entrust to us is delivered quickly, in pristine condition and at the correct temperature.
Of course, we do regular checks and maintenance so you can always rely on us to transport your goods.

Koeltransport Ommeren (Refrigerated transport Ommeren) transports your goods throughout the whole of Europe, but we have regular transports to England and Germany. We are happy to be of service, not only for refrigerated transport, but also for regular transport!

Conditioned storage location

We can also offer you storage of your refrigerated goods. We have a conditioned storage location at Velddriel with various cold storage units, which are certified according to the BRC Storage and Distribution Standard. In short, we will help you look for ways to optimise your logistic activities, enabling you to focus on your core tasks.

For more information about transport or storage of refrigerated goods, please contact us! We are happy to be of service.