Storage and Transshipment

We started a storage and transshipment business in Ommeren in 1981. Since that time, we have grown into a renowned storage and transshipment business with 9 storage locations in the vicinity of Ommeren.

What can you store with us?

You can store both bulk load and packaged goods with us. We specialise in storage of raw materials for animal feed and have developed an expertise in the laws and regulations that are in effect. We are proud to have become a household name.

Storage services

In the area of Storage and Transshipment, we are happy to provide the following services:
– Loading and unloading of dump lorries, walking floor trailers, silo lorries, containers, tautliners/curtainside trailers, refrigerated lorries, box lorries, ships carrying sea containers and trains
– Grinding and mixing of different types of products
– Sampling of products

Qualities of our storage locations

Important qualities of our storage locations are:
– A weighbridge is available at every location (or there is one in the vicinity).
– At different storage locations it is possible to deliver or pick up goods by road, by water or by rail.
– Accredited by the NVWA (the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority) and for the most part also GMP+ certified, see under quality.
– CSR (corporate social responsibility)

We can also take care of:
Of course we can also supply any and all necessities concerning storage and transshipment, such as:
– bags/ big bags
– pallets
– material for taking samples
It can also be very cost-efficient if you combine our transport services with our storage and transshipment services, see under International Transport and Refrigerated transport.

We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.