Quality is crucial in the animal feed industry. It is important because the feed that animals eat ends up in the meat on the consumer’s plate. That is why Transport Ommeren and our Storage and Transshipment locations pay a lot of attention to quality.

Storage and transport of processed animal proteins

To deliver and ensure quality, certain permits, certifications and registrations are needed. We are GMP certified and obtained the GMP+ certificate for safety concerning animal feed, of which the most important aspect is hygiene. The criteria for these certifications include the place of business, operating procedures and documentation. Companies in the field of animal feed can also take it a step further with the help of the GMP+ code of GMP international. This is what we have done.

We comply with the EU 1069/2009 regulations concerning transport and storage of processed animal proteins (category 3 products). The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA) supervises us. Central in this is human and animal health, which is why we feel it is very important that these regulations are constantly refined and improved upon.

Waste materials

In addition to the transport of animal feed, we transport waste materials as well, for which we also have the required permits (see under Recycling). We do not transport all waste materials, just sorted recycling materials. We have to limit our services in this area, so as to be able to guarantee the quality of (raw materials for) animal feed transport.

What you can expect from us

In addition to these mandatory certifications and permits, we guarantee quality by our work methods. You can expect the following from us:
– In addition to speaking Dutch, our drivers and employees at our storage locations also speak French, German and English.
– Our lorries comply with the latest environmental standards
– Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
– A correct and sufficient provision of information
– Reliability
– A proactive attitude

These allow us to guarantee continuity of the quality of our locations, equipment and services.