One of our specialities is storage, transshipment and transport of processed animal proteins (animal meal) and animal feed (Category 3 products). We are supervised by the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA). This supervision is strict but just; entirely in accordance with European legislation (EU 1069/2009). The NVWA for instance thoroughly inspects the hygiene of our means of transport and buildings. These certifications and registrations ensure high standards with regards to hygiene and governmental supervision for our customers.

Importance NVWA supervision

To be allowed to store and transport animal by-products a large number of demands has to be met. It is important because the feed that animals eat ends up in the meat on the consumer’s plate. So it is very important to ensure the safety of the entire process. The NVWA supervises this process. They perform regular checks at certified and registered companies in the animal feed sector. All companies are inspected on the basis of the same system. This includes making sure the companies comply with the statutory requirements. Central in all this is human and animal health, which is why we feel it is very important that these regulations are constantly refined and improved upon.

It is easy to see that quality is very important to us. Our NVWA accreditation and GMP+ certifications are proof of this. These allow us to guarantee continuity of the quality of our locations, equipment and services.