In 2004, the Collection of Waste Decree (BIA) and the waste transporters, collectors, dealers and brokers regulation (RIA) went in effect in the Netherlands. To be allowed to collect, transport, deal or broker industrial waste or hazardous waste, a company has to be registered on the so-called VIHB-list. VIHB stands for: Transporter (of waste), Collector (of waste), Dealer (of waste), Broker (of waste). The NIWO has been appointed by the Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) to act as implementing body to assess the application for this list.

To be placed on the VIHB-list, a company has to meet the following 3 criteria:
– reliability;
– creditworthiness;
– professional skill.

International Transport Ommeren meets these criteria and does not only hold this Dutch waste permit, but also other necessary European waste permits. In Belgium, we are for instance allowed to transport waste in Flanders (OVAM), Wallonia (SPW) and the Brussels region (Brussel Environment). We are also in possession of all the necessary German permits.

Limitation waste transport

We have to limit our services in the area of waste transport. We only transport sorted recycling materials, because we feel it is important to be able to continue to guarantee the quality of our (raw materials for) animal feed transport.
If you have any questions about the services we can offer you concerning waste transport, please contact us.