Walking floor Transport France

Fodder trading company and transport Ommeren is specialised in Walking floor Transport in France of bulk load, but we are also happy to provide transport of packaged goods (FTL and LTL). We are able to offer very effective daily services thanks to our many years of experience.

Walking floor Transport France

We are happy to transport your goods for you, using our walking floor lorries. We have 2 combination walking floor lorries and about 40 regular walking floor trailers in our fleet. A big advantage of a walking floor trailer is the fact that if the lorry can enter your facilities, your cargo can be unloaded anywhere you want. If you prefer to have your load transported with a dump lorry, silo lorry or tautliner, then of course this is also possible.

Driving restrictions France

Of course, we have to take driving restrictions in France into account. For lorries with a maximum permissible laden weight of over 7.5t there is a driving restriction in effect from Saturday 10.00 PM to Sunday 10.00 PM. This driving restriction also applies to bank holidays: the day prior to the bank holiday from 10.00 PM to the actual bank holiday till 10.00 PM. In France there is also a number of driving restrictions in February and March and a number of Saturdays in July and August.

French speaking drivers

Our drivers and employees speak French, ensuring an efficient communication with our customers. Our drivers are able to make appointments for delivery and pick up times, which helps to keep communication direct and clear.

Other Destinations

In addition to Walking floor Transport France, we can also transport to:
The Netherlands
We also offer transport to other countries. For more information, please contact us.