Walking floor Transport Germany

Transport Ommeren is happy to provide Walking floor Transport to Germany for you. We have been operating in Germany since 1981 and we are extremely pleased to still offer this service to you.

Walking floor Transport Germany

Transport Ommeren specialises in transport of bulk load, but we also transport packaged goods (LTL and FTL). We use Walking floor lorries for this transport, which have the big advantage that they do not need a lot of space to unload, because the load is unloaded by means of a moving floor. A combination walking floor lorry enables us to even unload in hard to reach places.
If you prefer to have your load transported with a dump lorry, silo lorry or tautliner, then of course this is also possible! We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Driving restrictions Germany

If we provide transport in Germany for you, we have to take driving restrictions into account. For lorries and articulated lorries with a maximum permissible laden weight (own weight + load capacity) of over 7.5t and for lorry and trailer combinations regardless of weight, there is a driving restriction on Sundays and bank holidays between 12.00 AM and 10.00 PM. The driving restriction applies to all German roads and includes vehicles without load.
The regulation of May 13th 1985 dictates an annual driving restriction from July 1st through August 31st on Saturdays between 7.00 AM and 8.00 PM on certain parts of the motorways and some main roads.


There are certain regulations for transporting waste materials in Germany. Since June 1st 2012 there is a mandatory registration for the carrier. The transport company has to be registered by the authority of the territory where the first action concerning the waste is done. Transport Ommeren is registered and we are therefore allowed to transport waste for you. However, because it is necessary to be able to guarantee the quality of our (raw materials for) animal feed transport, we have limited our waste transport to sorted recycling materials.

Other Destinations

In addition to Walking floor Transport Germany, we can also transport to:
The Netherlands
We also offer transport to other countries. For more information, please contact us.