Walking floor Transport Netherlands

In addition to being an international walking floor transport company, Transport Ommeren also provides national walking floor transport. Walking floor transport Netherlands is part of our core business. Your cargo can be picked up and delivered within a day. We only work with drivers who speak Dutch, making loading and unloading straightforward.

Walking floor Transport Netherlands

Our fleet consists of walking floor trailers. A big advantage of a walking floor trailer is the fact that they do not require a lot of space to unload. With the help of the moving floor, the cargo can be deposited anywhere you like. This is a big advantage, especially for bulk goods. However, we also transport packaged goods (LTL and FTL). If you prefer your goods to be transported by dump lorry, silo lorry or tautliner, this is of course also possible. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.


Transport Ommeren has all the necessary permits to transport waste products in the Netherlands. For this purpose, we are registered on the so-called VIHB-list. To be placed on the VIHB-list, a company has to meet the following 3 criteria: reliability, creditworthiness and professional skill. Because it is necessary to be able to guarantee the quality of our (raw materials for) animal feed transport, we have limited our waste transport to sorted recycling materials.
For more information, please see Recycling.

Other Destinations

In addition to Walking floor Transport Netherlands, we can also transport to:
We also offer transport to other countries. For more information, please contact us.